Fantastic Venice, Italy Points of Interest

Venice is a fascinating city that’s part of scenic Veneto in the northern area of Italy. It’s known all around the world for its canals. It lacks roads and is ideal for people who enjoy traveling via gondolas. If you’re planning on visiting this iconic Italian destination any time in the near future, you should make a detailed list of all of the amazing attractions that grab your attention. There are many incredible cultural attractions in the city. There are many intriguing historic ones as well.

Some of the most celebrated attractions in Venice include Piazza San Marco, the Bridge of Sighs, the Grand Canal, Doge’s Palace, San Marco Campanile and Saint Mark’s Basilica. There are so many historic destinations that are suitable for people who enjoy nothing more than learning about the past. If you want to take a look at an impressive cathedral that’s from the sixteenth century, you should be sure to head to San Marco Campanile while in Venice. It doesn’t matter if you want to tour a church from the 1600s. It doesn’t matter if you want to look at all the wonders of classic Gothic architecture. A trip to Venice can do a lot for your spirit and mind.

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Holiday in Prague – not only monuments

Prague is an unusual city. At every step we can find signs of history there. However, tourists come there not only for monuments.

Cultural events
Theater lovers come to Prague in June. Prague Fringe is a festival modeled on the famous Edinburgh theater festival. At this festival you can see the performances exhibited by theaters from all over Europe.
Good food lovers should visit Prague in late June. At the same time, the Prague Food Festival is held. Many restaurants will prepare a special menu. You will be able to try unique dishes in dozens of restaurants.
In Prague there are also many festivals and musical events. Most of them take place in the summertime. At that time, they attract the most viewers – both tourists and residents of Prague.

Accommodation and food
When you look for accommodation, remember that Prague is called Praha in Czech. The Czechs seem to like the sound of the word. In the descriptions you often find information that it is a hotel or hostel in Praha, not in Prague. It is worth to pay attention to this.
The food in Prague is very good. You will find not only traditional Czech cuisine, but also a number of restaurants offering dishes from all around the world. Restaurants with vegetarian dishes are also very trendy.

Prague is a city in which you will definitely find something for yourself. The city offers many opportunities, both for weekend travelers and for those who are coming for a longer period.

Popular Monuments And City Attractions You Should Visit

Salzburg is a popular city in Austria. Here are some of the top attractions and historical monuments that can be found there.

The Salzburg Cathedral is a monument, and it is the biggest church in the city. It dates back to the 1620s. Its bronze doors are one of the first things you’ll notice upon arriving at this local landmark.

Another landmark is Hohensalzburg Fortress, which was built in 1077. This monument can be seen from many parts of the city. Once inside, you’ll be able to view the staterooms and exhibits at the museums.

Leopoldskron Castle is a popular landmark that was build over 250 years ago. Make sure you bring a camera so you can snap a few photos of the castle’s exterior.

In short, some of the most well-known monuments in the city are:

  • Salzburg Cathedral
  • Hohensalzburg Fortress
  • Leopoldskron Castle

City Attractions
The Museum of Natural History and Technology is where you can view exhibits related to reptiles, underwater worlds, space travel and much more. Also, the Science Center is where you can take part in interactive experiments.

The Salzburg Zoo is another popular attraction. It’s home to over 1,000 animals and over 100 different species. You can see everything from mice to rhinos to lions, pandas, brown bears, tapirs and many more animals. It is a great place to visit for people of all ages.

Perhaps the most popular city attraction is Mozart’s Birthplace. It is a museum that’s located in the Old City and music lovers must visit it. History buffs will want to visit it, too. Just remember, there’s many Salzburg hostels in this area, so feel free to stay at one so you can easily get to this place and other attractions.

As mentioned above, some of the most popular city attractions are:

  • Museum of Natural History and Technology
  • Salzburg Zoo
  • Mozart’s Birthplace

With so many Salzburg hostels to choose from, you can easily find an affordable place to stay at in the city. Book a hostel today and then visit the above attractions and monuments.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna

Many of the turists, during their trip to Vienna chooses to visit one of the most known attraction in the city- St. Stephen’s Catherdal that is located at Stephensplatz, in the middle of the old city. The combination of Romanesque and Gotic forms and the importance of the church for entire Austria attract many people to admire gems of architecture. But beside the breathtaking interior of the church there is one more place that not everyone is brave enough to visit. Just below the stone floor there is a crypt divided into few parts that have become a graveyard for over 11 thousands of people. This huge number comes from the fact that in first part of 18th century there was an outbreak of Black Death. In order to avoid spreading this mortal disease, the corpses of dead inhabitants of the city were transfered to previously excaveted holes in the crypt. This enormous number of bones and skeletons can casue a goosbump to almost everyone.

The localisation of the Catedra usually encourages people for choosing it as a first architecture experience in the city. Due to very easy to use and friendly public transportation system it is possible to get to the Cathedra almost from every spot in the city what is very helpful for all the tourist staying in hostel wien.

After visiting the church there is still plenty of attraction that we can find on Stephenplatz. For those that want to take a break in sightseeing there is a lot of restaurants offering traditional dishes in the area.