Holiday in Prague – not only monuments

Prague is an unusual city. At every step we can find signs of history there. However, tourists come there not only for monuments.

Cultural events
Theater lovers come to Prague in June. Prague Fringe is a festival modeled on the famous Edinburgh theater festival. At this festival you can see the performances exhibited by theaters from all over Europe.
Good food lovers should visit Prague in late June. At the same time, the Prague Food Festival is held. Many restaurants will prepare a special menu. You will be able to try unique dishes in dozens of restaurants.
In Prague there are also many festivals and musical events. Most of them take place in the summertime. At that time, they attract the most viewers – both tourists and residents of Prague.

Accommodation and food
When you look for accommodation, remember that Prague is called Praha in Czech. The Czechs seem to like the sound of the word. In the descriptions you often find information that it is a hotel or hostel in Praha, not in Prague. It is worth to pay attention to this.
The food in Prague is very good. You will find not only traditional Czech cuisine, but also a number of restaurants offering dishes from all around the world. Restaurants with vegetarian dishes are also very trendy.

Prague is a city in which you will definitely find something for yourself. The city offers many opportunities, both for weekend travelers and for those who are coming for a longer period.