St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna

Many of the turists, during their trip to Vienna chooses to visit one of the most known attraction in the city- St. Stephen’s Catherdal that is located at Stephensplatz, in the middle of the old city. The combination of Romanesque and Gotic forms and the importance of the church for entire Austria attract many people to admire gems of architecture. But beside the breathtaking interior of the church there is one more place that not everyone is brave enough to visit. Just below the stone floor there is a crypt divided into few parts that have become a graveyard for over 11 thousands of people. This huge number comes from the fact that in first part of 18th century there was an outbreak of Black Death. In order to avoid spreading this mortal disease, the corpses of dead inhabitants of the city were transfered to previously excaveted holes in the crypt. This enormous number of bones and skeletons can casue a goosbump to almost everyone.

The localisation of the Catedra usually encourages people for choosing it as a first architecture experience in the city. Due to very easy to use and friendly public transportation system it is possible to get to the Cathedra almost from every spot in the city what is very helpful for all the tourist staying in hostel wien.

After visiting the church there is still plenty of attraction that we can find on Stephenplatz. For those that want to take a break in sightseeing there is a lot of restaurants offering traditional dishes in the area.